QNAP Qfinder Pro

QNAP Qfinder Pro 7.4

Indentifies and accesses network QNAP NAS

Quickly find and easily access all of the QNAP NAS on the same LAN with additional options of storing, copying or modifying any selected element with checks of network integrity and performance. Turning QNAP NAS to be used into a PC network drive or virtual disk for convenient data storage is possible.

Qfinder Pro allows you to find and access all the QNAP NAS (Network-Attached Storage) on your local network. Its “Storage Plug & Connect” functionality allows the QNAP NAS to be used as a PC network drive or virtual disk. You can also use the "Media Upload" feature to save NAS system resources by performing media file transcoding on your local PC before uploading them to the NAS.

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